Certified Kentico Website Developers

Due to Kentico’s powerful CMS there are currently more than 1,000 certified solution partners spanning 80+ countries, making the selection process quite difficult for the uninitiated.

With the recent release of Kentico 8, and the 8.1 upgrade, more and more companies are making the decision to use Kentico as their digital platform of choice. So, if you’re in the process of migrating from another CMS platform to Kentico, or embarking on a new Kentico project how will you distinguish between reliable Kentico Website Developers and those just wanting your business no matter the outcome?

I have compiled 5 top tips to help you select a certified Kentico Website Developer.

1. Credentials & Expertise

Trust and reliability is crucial when outsourcing Kentico development. The agency you select must be able to provide examples of their Kentico credentials and expertise. Do they have a specific Kentico team that specializes in the CMS, or are the developers that dabble with Kentico primarily working on other .NET projects and CMS platforms? Kentico is a powerful CMS with a multitude of customization options, meaning prior experience is crucial to the success of any project with this framework.

A significant source of credibility comes from not only the Kentico Developers project portfolio but also the satisfaction of their previous Kentico customers. Can you speak to those customers or see a reference from them regarding the quality and ease of delivery from past projects?

2. Robust Delivery Process

This not only applies to Kentico development solutions but all digital projects. The agency you select should be able to rattle off their delivery methodology with ease, outlining why they created the model, and how it applies to your project. Can they outline key staff roles, your role, escalation procedures, risk management, stages of delivery and process wrapped around each, their approach to ensuring quality outcomes, and warranty support? A development agency that is serious about quality outcomes will be able to recite their process to you with conviction, assured they know what they’re doing and why they are best suited to working with you.

3. Industry Leading Communication & Delivery Tools

Following on from point two above, it’s not simply about delegating a job to someone and hoping they star. Good quality development companies will make use of tried and tested communication and project delivery aids. How do they share results from business analysis with you, how about wireframes, technical or feature specification documents, designs, or project communication tools that store and allow traceability of each discussion thread and topic? How do they allocate tasks, store project assets, and handle quality assurance & software testing? Do they write test cases, or make use of bug tracking tools? It’s the tools behind all of these elements that help produce great outcomes. Quality agencies invest in great tools and make the most of them to help with smooth delivery.

4. Complex Kentico Customisation Experience 

It is the extent with which Kentico can be customised that makes it such an attractive framework for companies and developers alike. However, as is the case with most enterprise CMS platforms, the true art exists in the expertise and prowess of the developer to build the most effective product that will deliver long term results for the client. Kentico allows you to personalise both templates and the eCommerce system however making the assumption that mixing and matching will do the trick is a giant mistake. Despite Kentico being as powerful as it is, if the developer working with it doesn’t understand its true ability or doesn’t properly understand how to customize it to be unique to each client and meet their business needs, then there’s every chance you will end up with a sub-par product that causes you pain for a long time.

5. Post Delivery Support

Kentico is a powerful enterprise CMS, and offers a multitude of benefits and implementation options. As much as the development phase is crucial, that is matched by the importance of post launch support. There is always need for support after launch, especially in the initial stages right after deployment. Is training being offered? What about a site manual? Certified Kentico partners will provide reliable, efficient support options for your business to ensure a smooth launch and ongoing use of your new site.

Selecting the right Kentico Development Partner will significantly help increase the chances of success for you & your project. I hope these tips come in handy when you are next deciding on a Certified Kentico Website Developer.

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