Can Twitter help improve awareness and sales for your business? The short answer is yes. Twitter is not as large as other social networking sites such as Facebook, yet Twitter can have a positive impact if used correctly.

Here are 5 tips on how best to use Twitter to help your business.

1 – “Tweet” in order to drive an audience to your corporate website. You can post items on your website, and then start tweeting about it. For example, you can post a case study on your website, then tweet about the success story covered in the published case study. Be sure to add a link on Twitter to the case study on your website.

2 – As Newpath WEB recommend, track your brand online. Always try to be aware of what is being said, blogged, discussed, and posted about your business on the Internet. Use the Twitter search tool to track people who are tweeting about your brand, products and services. This is also a great tool to track what people are saying about your competition also. We recommend you set-up an RSS feed for such keywords to make tracking this a little easier. If you find anyone who is searching for products or services you provide, then you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to them.

3 – Use the Twitter “Favourites” feature as a list of company testimonials. When you track people you are talking about your company, then “favourite” all the positive tweets. Use this list of all favourites as testimonials when you want to tweet next time, and you can also use it on your website. You can also promote corporate events on Twitter, and after the event can track the responses on Twitter for feedback on the event.

4 – Develop relationships with reporters, bloggers and other influential people through Twitter. Keep them updated about important milestones your business achieves.

5 – Twitter can also be a fantastic customer service tool for you to use. If people are tweeting about your business, you can respond tot he tweets. It’s a fantastic and funky way to connect with customers and prospects especially responding to any negative tweets, and providing feedback and responses on how you have tackled the issue.

Good luck, and happy tweeting.

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