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One of Newpath WEB’s biggest service offerings is Usability and User Experience Design. But what exactly is User Experience design?

User Experience Design (or UX or UXD) is a broad term that essentially covers how users interact with your website, ensuring they get everything out of the page they wanted in a unique and meaningful way.

But, UX isn’t a math formula and requires delicate nuance that only the most seasoned web developers can provide. Luckily for us at Newpath WEB, we focus on creating outstanding User Experience Design with the help of some of our (150+) incredible in-house developers.

But, Seriously, What Is User Experience Design?

One of the hardest parts about User Experience Design is that it’s hard to define. At its core, UX isn’t about design at all; instead, it focuses on the functionality of a website. There is no benefit to having the prettiest website around with all the latest bells and functional whistles if customers don’t enjoy using the site or, even worse, can’t use it full stop.

UX is, according to Wikipedia:

“The process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product”

Look at that again. “Improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure”. Not necessarily the easiest things in the world to do and not the easiest things to define. But regardless, HOW do you do these things?!

Well Then, How Do You Implement User Experience Design?

Good UX is built upon user research and working closely with clients through every step of the process. Once the core understanding of both the user and the client is achieved, the project is mapped out by looking at existing site architecture and eventually wireframing our options. Almost like storyboarding for your website experience, wireframing involves roughly drawing out each page and determining which pathways the user is likely to take.

Again, none of this is an exact science, and requires developers who have a lot of experience, having learnt what works and doesn’t work from previous projects.

That’s The Design, Where’s The Experience?

Once the project is designed, you then need to look at User Testing, determining how the website is used, and tweaking and adjusting as required. This can take different forms depending on the requirements of the project, ranging from simple over-the-shoulder observation, to screen sharing with the trial user and, occasionally, A/B split testing (sharing two different versions of the website with trial users to determine which works better). If the developer is happy with that process, the changes go live and your business thrives.

How Can Newpath WEB Help With My User Experience Design?

Essentially, the point I’ve been trying to get to is that User Experience Design is very touchy-feely and not particularly precise at all. Having a developer with large swathes of experience is critical in order to get your website in tip top shape.

When comparing User Experience Design in Melbourne, consider us and sample some of the work we do with clients such as Gainsville, GoGet, and Collins Street Business Centre. We’d love to have a chat with you about this and other services, so please feel free to contact us!

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