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Businesses, whether large or small, are always on the move. With trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), employees use their own smartphones, laptops and tablet devices in order to always stay connected to the business. That is why Microsoft PowerApps was released; to simplify and streamline the entire process of creating custom desktop and mobile apps.

This enables businesses to create their own apps that automate and digitise their manual processes. They can connect and share apps and external data sources such as Dropbox, SharePoint and Salesforce, safe and securely with team members on any device within a matter of minutes. The goal behind the Microsoft PowerApps development is that it is easy to learn and doesn’t require any prior coding experience.

So, what exactly is the appeal that has seen so many businesses making the switch?

Complete control and security

PowerApps enables businesses to have total and complete control via its Admin Centre. It displays all their listed apps and provides options such as user control options, administer data policies and permissions. This gives full security as every created app automatically links to Microsoft’s ADDS (Active Directory Domain Service). It will authenticate, authorise and enforce security policies for all users and devices. Because every app is created using Microsoft’s CDS (Common Data Service), each app is automatically GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Seamless integration of data

Because of Microsoft’s CDS (Common Data Service), PowerApps allows employees to access business data from over 200 different sources of data including OneDrive, Twitter, SharePoint, Outlook, Dropbox, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Excel, PowerPoint and many more. No matter their location, all staff can access and share data instantly.

Automation of functions and processes

PowerApps allows businesses to easily automate their processes and functions without the need for manual input. Companies can send important updates, news and information to their employees and clients on their smartphones by using push notifications as Twitter and Facebook do. Reporting and resolving issues can also be automated to ensure important procedures are being followed, even when management is not in the office.

Simple plan options

Acquiring PowerApps is made easy with two simple plan options. Businesses that want to give it a try before fully committing are better off going for the ‘per app’ plan first. Staff can run a portal and two apps for one business scenario that uses the full features of PowerApps.

For businesses that want to jump right in, the ‘per user’ plan lets their staff run an unlimited number of apps using the force of Microsoft PowerApps.

At Newpath, we have closely assisted a variety of SMBs, large businesses and organisations throughout the world to design, create and implement a digital solution that is tailored to their exact needs and company goals. Our large global team features experienced app developers, software engineers, web developers, project managers and more.

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