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In the battle of CMS supremacy, there is never one consistent winner; every platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. But it’s always fun to look at why you should choose one over another. While we work on a variety of different platforms, Joomla development in Melbourne has seemingly taken off over the past three years.

We’ve completed several Joomla websites, and clients who choose this platform often do so for similar reasons. We’ve summarised five benefits associated with the Joomla platform that might help you pursue a new Joomla website too.

Ground-Up Content Management

Unlike platforms like WordPress, which started life as a blogging platform and expanded afterwards, Joomla was built from the ground up as a content management platform for websites. With multiple options for content creation, organisation and management, Joomla makes it easy to flesh out a website built on content.

With menus, articles, tags and categories, Joomla is a perfect choice for businesses looking for a website with tones of content, complex navigation or just a perfectly organised website.

Standardised Functionality

Across other content management systems, the way information is presented and managed can often be a bit haphazard, depending on the types of plugins presented and content included. This can be a real challenge for new users coming into the system, trying to learn where everything is hidden.

Joomla avoids these issues by ensuring that controls across the platform are consolidated and consistent. Learning to use the platform is simplified and amounts to a more secure platform moving forwards. If your company manages the website internally, this is another great reason why Joomla is so beloved.

Quality User Management

A common occurrence is coming across a WordPress website with exactly one registered user: Admin. This is terrible for several reasons; one, it’s not particularly secure, and two, you can’t track what different people are doing on the website. Joomla helps to avoid this by driving users to create separate accounts for everyone.

Access levels are all customisable, and interface restrictions are a breeze; Joomla makes it easy to set up your entire staff. It also applied to external users as well, with simplified user registration and membership models encouraging more users to sign up and engage with your website.

Template Control

If you have different sections spread out across your website, sometimes you may want to run with different themes or templates to ensure that the information is presented most appropriately. Of course, most CMS platforms can’t handle this, simply sticking with one, requiring significant coding to be actioned to ensure appropriate functionality.

Instead, Joomla allows different parts of the same site to run on different themes, allowing enhanced creativity and more engaging content for users. For particularly creative websites with a range of different sections, Joomla is the way to go.

Look for Great Joomla Development in Melbourne

Joomla has the benefits of a highly-engaging and functional content management system and has grown in popularity over the past several years. Delivering quality Joomla development in Melbourne, Newpath web has the experience to create the perfect website for your business. Find out more about our Joomla services and get in touch with us today to get more information!

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