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Facebook was once only used to socialise, connect people to people. It’s now expanded into a powerful means of marketing and advertising businesses. Why not try it out? Facebook offers access to over 1.15 billion users (as of March 2013). No other site on the Internet can offer that. What Facebook also has over competitors, and traditional marketing, is that it offers a quick, effective and cheap way of advertising.

Key Benefits 

Facebook Advertising offers a range of options to suit your business and what it offers.

You have a choice of paying by the click (CPC) or per 1,000 impressions (CPM). What this enables is that you can start your campaign on a broad scale and after 100,000 impressions, use the insights to see who clicked the ad, rewrite it and target the demographic in mind as a CPC campaign.

Facebook Ads allows your business to target different age groups, genders, relationship statuses, occupations, locations and much more. If you have the perfect audience in mind, Facebook Ads will be able to target that audience to the finest detail.

One unknown but very powerful benefit of using Facebook Ads is that they can also link to external landing pages. If you have a website, blog, video channel that you would like to drive traffic to, Facebook Ads can do that.

Targeting Factors

Going into more detail from what was briefly mentioned above, Facebook’s targeting is unrivalled. By using targeting methods such as Location, Age, Sex, Keywords, Education, Workplaces, Languages and Connections, your Ads will be discovered by your perfect audience. If midway through a campaign you’d like to change your targeting methods, you can do this also.

Facebook Ads are becoming more and more popular for businesses. That’s why at Newpath WEB, we offer custom Facebook Ads to suit your business. We will operate the Ads to your liking, and ensure your business sees results. With Facebook Insights, we will be able to monitor the Campaign performance on a daily basis, and work with you to see the best results.

Call on 8605 4896 and our Social Media & Online Marketing Consultant will work with you to come up with the best Facebook Advertising strategy for your business.

You can also check out our Social Media Advertising page for more information.

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