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When it comes to launching your very first AdWords campaign, excitement, hope, and expectations are at an all-time high, knowing more leads are just around the corner. At the same time however, clicking that ‘enable’ button can be a rather daunting process, especially for small to medium businesses who are working with, well, limited online marketing budgets. As a guiding rule of thumb for start-ups, we recommend keeping ads as relevant as possible, in other words, establish relevant goals, target relevant keywords, and create relevant ad copy. By doing so, you’ll almost certainly drive more traffic to your website, convert more sales, and achieve a greater return on investment (ROI). After all, when executed properly, Google AdWords is one of the most cost-effective online marketing solutions.

The following tips will help your PPC campaign drive targeted results for your business, as told by a leading AdWords agency Melbourne –

  1. Have a clear set of goals to work towards

The most important part of an AdWords campaign, or any SEM campaign for that matter, is having a clear set of goals to connect potential buyers with your products or services. Many will simply say “to grow sales, that’s the goal”, but in order to really get the most out of your campaign, consider how Google AdWords is going to deliver that for you. Is it completing a form online? Is it calling a number? Making a purchase from your eCommerce site? Think about the specific goals, and, perhaps most importantly, how you are going to measure results before you begin developing your campaign. In the long term, this will save you both time and money.

  1. Bid on relevant keywords

As a marketer or business owner, you probably have a pretty good idea about the keywords that people are searching for to find your products or services. For example, if you’re an AdWords Agency based in Melbourne, you’d be looking at keywords such as ‘AdWords Agency Melbourne’, rather than ‘App Development Melbourne’ or ‘Web Development Melbourne’. However, if you really want to compete, you’ll need to take it one step further than the obvious keywords. Google AdWords’ Keywords Planner is a brilliant tool to segment and group keywords by relevance, search volume and competition, whilst filtering out low volume searches that are less likely to convert.

  1. Write ad text that draws more visitors to your webpage

When writing copy for your ad, consider the target audience (always consider the target audience), whilst specifically addressing the keyword search phrase. The more relevant you make your copy, the higher the chance of driving traffic to your website and making a conversion. But be sure not to make promises you can’t keep, create copy that accurately represents the landing page advertised. Failing to do so and your bounce rate is sure to sky rocket.

At Newpath WEB, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched results through Google AdWords by bidding on relevant keywords and creating compelling copy that works towards achieving your specific business goals. For more information, or to get in touch with an expert AdWords Agency Melbourne, visit https://www.newpathweb.com.au/digital-services/pay-per-click-melbourne/.

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