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When it comes to strong brand building and developing a deep connection with your customer base, the design of your website is absolutely crucial for success. So, how does CX design tie into this and why is it so important? 

A company’s website is usually the first interaction a customer will have with a business before making a purchase – and the online world of eCommerce is highly competitive. If your website doesn’t have a modern design in 2021, then it will be a constant struggle to survive. Modern website design isn’t just about having flashy animations or being mobile-friendly; it’s about focusing on the entire customer journey.

As a leading digital marketing and search engine optimisation agency in Melbourne, we understand just how important CX (Customer Experience) design is for the success of your website.

What exactly is CX design?

CX design is described as the process which web design teams follow for optimising the customer experience throughout all touchpoints, including before, during and after they have made a purchase. Because a customer’s experience begins before they have even made a purchase, CX design focuses on building an efficient and seamless experience that covers single interactions, the customer journey and the lifetime relationship.

So, what does this have to do with the design of your website and what are some examples?

Having a simple and intuitive layout

Optimising your website’s structure to have a simple and intuitive layout is paramount for providing a great customer experience. Having a cluttered website that is hard to navigate, crammed with too much information or doesn’t clearly outline the products and services you offer will repel your customers away.

Think of a restaurant that has a menu with small hard to read font or a parking sign that is filled with too much information regarding parking times. Not being able to quickly find the information they are searching for will quickly irritate the customer and send them elsewhere.

Regardless if your website offers a large variety of products or services, it must have a simple layout that is simple to navigate that makes any information easy to find. Having a detailed site map, intuitive categories and clear labels are some simple yet very effective ways to optimise the layout and provide a better customer experience.

Fast loading speed is crucial

According to Forbes, you have under 10 seconds to grab your customer’s attention before they lose interest and leave. Apart from quickly conveying a clear message, this also includes the time it takes to load each web page. Just taking a couple of seconds too long to load a page is enough to lose customers.

So, what could be slowing down your website’s responsiveness?

One of the biggest contributors to slow loading times is large file sizes. If your file and image sizes are optimised and compressed, the longer it will take for each web page to load. Converting images to JPEG instead of PNG will also decrease their file size. Even unclean coding when building your website will result in slower loading and response times.

Evoking emotion through brand consistency 

It’s difficult to create a genuine connection between your brand and customers without any sort of human contact or face-to-face interaction – but not impossible. This is where branding plays a hugely important role in creating a visual identity and creating an emotional connection to your brand.

Your brand must be fully weaved into the design of your website, such as the use of consistent colour and font, including your logo in every image that is posted, having a consistent tone and language, promoting your company message and more.

Apart from product descriptions and blog posts, your website should tell the story of your company, its values and how you improve the lives of your customers. When your customers purchase from or interact with your website, it should be a fluid experience that makes them want to return.

If you believe your website could be doing better, then reach out to our experienced team at Newpath Web. Equipped with an expert team of web designers and marketing professionals, we will ensure your website has a modern design that provides a seamless customer experience.

To discover how we can address your specific needs, contact our full-service search engine optimisation agency today on 1300 761 806 or browse through our website to view our entire range of services.

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