Online Reputation Management

The Website Standards Association has found that confusing navigation and bad design of many Australian
websites are driving traffic away, failing to meet basic international standards.

  • According to WSA, website navigation standards are:
    • consistent positioned main menu
    • sub menus (each of them has no more than two levels)
    • underlined and colour-changeable hyperlinks
    • maximum three clicks to go to another page
    • secondary menu on every site
    • a sitemap that is accessible from every page
    • a secured contact instead of displaying email addresses which will attract large amounts of spam emails.


  • Design standards are:
    • a logo that links back to the home page at the header of every page
    • a uniform font
    • dark main content on a light background
    • headings and links consistent in colour
    • short paragraphs with bullet points
    • a single layout
    • avoid inserting text as images as well as using large flash animation areas.

Source: Website Standards Association

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