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coronavirus victoria

The brief__

The Victorian Coronavirus website sits on the Single Digital Presence platform.

The Victorian Covid-19 response team approached Newpath in 2021 to work with the newly formed department as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, to initially design, develop and maintain a Vaccination Data Infographic for their website.

coronavirus victoria

The process__

The Vaccination Data Infographic would be an interactive live tool, showing real time vaccination rates (for first and second doses) alongside other key data such as the overall goal, the monthly vaccination target and progress statistics.

Further, Newpath would assist the department with ongoing maintenance and management of the site along with new features and functionality to be designed and developed.

coronavirus victoria

Discovery phase__

The solution was to be built as an extension of the existing site, which sat on the government’s single digital presence platform.

A Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) initiative, Victoria’s Single Digital Presence is an open platform that delivers significant value to citizens and government agencies. It’s broken into three products – Bay (an open-source platform based on Lagoon), Tide (a Drupal CMS distribution) and Ripple coupled with Nuxt (the frontend presentation layer).

Bay is the platform itself, it forms the infrastructure layer on which SDP has been built. This was built using the open-source platform, Lagoon. This cloud-based solution allows Victorian Government agencies to build, test and deliver websites via the cloud.

Tide is the Drupal distribution that manages content. It’s a customised build of Drupal 8, purpose-built to serve Victorian Government information. It forms a central repository where all content can be managed. Importantly, Tide allows content sharing — one source of content that can then be ‘served’ to different sites.

Ripple is a library of components that delivers a consistent look and feel across government websites to increase usability and ensure WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. It’s built on Vue.js and Nuxt.

coronavirus victoria


The infographic was built as a Nuxt JS component, using available ripple UI components – ripple icon, ripple link, & ripple grid to build the UI.

A JSON endpoint API was developed to pull vaccination data  from for the infographic.

The backend of the application is headless Drupal 8.

coronavirus victoria

The results__

The infographic was well received by the department and the public, with the website being the most visited of all Victorian Government websites throughout the pandemic.

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