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Middy's Electrical

The brief__

Middy’s is Australia’s largest independent electrical wholesaler, with a legacy dating back to 1928. Over the decades, they have earned the trust of associations, contractors, and customers as a reliable supplier in the Australian market.

Facing the challenge of managing three separate websites (Middy’s, Middy’s MyBranch, and Middy’s Techenergy), Middy’s sought to consolidate their online presence into a single integrated platform to improve user experience, reliability, marketing capabilities, and ease of management. Their vision encompassed the creation of a comprehensive B2B eCommerce platform via Kentico Xperience. To serve as a one-stop destination for product information, services, events, and marketing initiatives, leveraging Kentico’s built-in email platform for enhanced outreach. The platform aimed to streamline order management, invoicing, and payment processing through a centralised trade account portal.

Middy's Electrical

The process__

Newpath’s innovation and design team collaborated closely with Middy’s marketing team to ascertain their requirements for a new unified e-commerce website. The process commenced with a thorough business analysis and our proven Digital Transformation workshops, leveraging insights from the Kentico DXP to develop actionable solutions aligned with Middy’s expectations.

By executing an efficient, agile methodology in sprints, our team of designers, developers, business analysts, and quality analysts worked collaboratively to deliver a comprehensive solution successfully over the next few months. Our approach allowed us to operate efficiently and effectively to produce high-quality results aligned with Middy’s business requirements.

Middy's Electrical

Discovery phase__

The project’s discovery phase unearthed some unique challenges. Complexities like multiple job lists, business account sign-ups, and a robust verification process necessitated a meticulous approach. With Middy’s B2B focus, it was essential to develop a custom-built shopping cart capable of accommodating features such as ‘Job Lists’ for quote building alongside regular purchases. 

These requirements exceeded the capabilities of Kentico’s out-of-the-box solutions, prompting the team to employ custom-built functionalities .NET7 and the REACT framework. However, Kentico’s fundamental modules, encompassing user, eCommerce, and content management, were pivotal in supporting and extending the platform.

The need for a solution beyond a traditional CMS drove the decision to choose Kentico. Kentico’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and robust marketing capabilities, including native modules for marketing automation such as email journeys and newsletters, aligned perfectly with Middy’s requirements. The system’s headless capabilities and approval workflows streamlined content updates for Middy’s marketing teams.

To establish a long-term solution for Middy’s future digital evolution, scalability and compatibility were prime deciding factors in favour of Kentico. Their accessible interface allowed for the development of a client-manageable platform to enhance user experience.

Middy's Electrical

Design + develop__

Newpath employed a comprehensive approach to design and development, harnessing Kentico’s robust modules to achieve Middy’s objectives. The user management module facilitated the creation of a centralised database, amalgamating visitors and registered users for targeted marketing initiatives. Custom builds enhanced user management, seamlessly integrating with Middy’s existing Maria DB via API.

The content management module empowered a user-friendly design, featuring widgets with drag-and-drop functionality for easy content updates by Middy’s marketing team. Leveraging Kentico’s eCommerce module, we developed a custom cart and job lists, augmenting functionalities with .NET7 and REACT.

Kentico’s APIs facilitated a decoupled structure, with the admin panel hosted separately, ensuring a cohesive yet flexible solution. Regular Kentico Audits ensured adherence to best practices, optimising outcomes.

Furthermore, the project prioritised marketing capabilities, utilising Kentico’s marketing module to establish automated journeys, newsletters, and forms. Seamless integration with Middy’s CRM facilitated targeted communications, supported by flexible email marketing templates and tracking features for insightful campaign performance analysis.

The website seamlessly integrated with various systems, including Middy’s API, Product Information Management system, and ERP systems via APIs, creating a unified platform. Integration with AI-powered Elastic Search enhanced search functionalities, while connections to Google Analytics and Tag Manager provided comprehensive tracking. Integration with existing CRM software ensured synchronised data, resulting in a technologically advanced, data-driven website aligned with Middy’s strategic objectives.

Middy's Electrical

The results__

The transformative impact of Middy’s project is evident in the consolidation of three disparate websites into a unified, multifunctional platform. We achieved our strategic objectives of enhancing user experience and marketing capabilities by engaging with Kentico Xperience, paired with custom builds to cater to Middy’s unique requirements. The new website has exceeded expectations, providing Middy’s and its users with an optimised and secure digital environment.

The transition to Kentico’s database marks a paradigm shift towards reliability and ease of management as part of a centralised digital platform. Performance and speed optimisations further contribute to the overall success, aligning seamlessly with Middy’s vision for a consolidated digital presence. Flexible content feeds, including product filters and navigation, dynamically adapt to product changes, enhancing user engagement, operational efficiency, and personalised content delivery for every user.

Our collaboration with Middy’s resulted in the creation of a large-scale B2B eCommerce platform, facilitating seamless order management, invoicing, and payment processing through a centralised trade account portal. The unified platform is a comprehensive resource for product information, Middy’s services, events, and marketing initiatives, leveraging Kentico’s built-in email platform for targeted communications.

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