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Omega Power

The brief__

Omega engaged Newpath to design, develop and support a new digital ecosystem delivering a modern, high quality, and engaging digital experience for its customer base. Leveraging the Kentico Xperience DXP platform, Omega aimed to launch a new website in 2022 to replace the existing site. The new site was launched in March 2022 and won Kentico’s site of the month in April 2022.

Omega Power

The process__

Engaged in October 2021, Newpath were given a tight runway to plan, design and deliver a product-focused website with tight integrations into their product DAM and ERP. With a strong partnership-based approach, Newpath and the Omega teams rapidly executed a UX design and agile development process. The site was launch in March 2022, with enhancements rolling out post launch, to offer the very best experiences to the Omega customer base.

Omega Power

Discovery phase__

Oega Power were in need of an updated online customer experience while aligning their technology stack as part of a  digital transformation initiative. With Kentico Xperience as the chosen web and content management system, Omega Power were keen to explore its marketing features in order to offer the very best outcomes for Omega customers while consolidating existing tools in use. Omega had also rolled out a new PIM (Product Information Management) system that was to be integrated with as part of this new web project.

This meant that all product data and media would be pulled live from the PIM onto the Omega Power online product catalogue requiring integration with a custom built API. With effective product search also being a key requirement for the business, Elastic search was opted for. As a solution, Omega integrated this search with their core PIM system and made an API endpoint available for the search so as to facilitate a lightning fast search query from the website front-end. Product filter lists and search results would be driven from this endpoint.

These factors offered important parameters during the discovery and planning process.

Omega Power

Design + develop__

Close collaboration between the Omega project, marketing, tech teams, and Newpath would be required in order to design and develop solutions to address all of the goals of the project while providing a responsive and performant online customer experience.

Kentico Xperience was chosen as an all-in-one platform that could effectively integrate with Omega’s PIM system while also centralising digital marketing efforts. This would also address requirements around up to date product data. Now, high quality product data is published to the Omega Power site live and is made easily searchable using the Elastic search feature. Kentico Xperience offered the platform to rapidly develop this custom solution.

The Development process was delivered under an agile framework to optimise delivery time, effectively aiming to rapidly and regularly deliver high value outcomes. A multi-phase approach allowed the business to launch sooner while offering online users regular feature updates in the months following launch.

omega power

The results__

As a result, Omega’s audiences can more effectively find and engage with product information while Omega Power’s product managers can instantly publish product data updates. Digital Marketing tasks such as email broadcasts, contact segmentation and marketing automation is also now a cinch using Kentico’s out-of-the-box features.

With the Omega Power site going live in March 2022, and the site receiving the Kentico site of the month award in April 2022, everyone is exceptionally proud of the outcomes achieved and are focusing on providing ongoing feature enhancements and optimisations to keep the Omega site at the forefront of the industry.

The close collaboration and engagement between the Omega IT, Marketing & Project teams alongside the Newpath creative, Development, & Project Delivery teams is what really made this project sing. Two teams came together with a common goal, focused on achieving a great outcome for Omega customers, and the end result is evidence of that successful partnership and teamwork.

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