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David Ziguras October 9th, 2014

iBeacon has beamed its way into our lives, targeting numerous markets and raising the hopes of even more. The emitter of mystic rays that buzz-up corresponding applications in your smartphones, is sure to cause a considerable disruption; the expansion of which is still being evaluated.

For those still to get acquainted with this firebrand, here is our little introduction into the world of these devices.

What is iBeacon?

In order to determine how iBeacons are changing the world around us, we must first understand what these devices are.

iBeacon is a device emitting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio signals which prompt the analogous apps in your phone to wake up and respond to trigger an action, such as a push notification or social media check-in’s. BLE is a power-saving approach, with absolute minimal battery consumption and almost no set-up requirements. As far as the application of iBeacons are concerned, the sky is the limit in terms of the uses for these devices and their application in retail and location based services.

Who is using this Technology?

Whilst it was first thought that iBeacons would be used predominantly by only retailers for targeted deals, location specific shopping advice and offers and information about the shop or centre they might be visiting, iBeacons have a far greater use, such as:

How does iBeacon Work?

iBeacons which are small hardware devices are located in various positions where they need to send signals. Each iBeacon then beams relay UUID (Universally Unique Identifiers), specific to the vendor that is using it such as the retail stre, the car park owner, the museum etc, which can be modified using the accompanying Software Development Kit. For example, the next time you go to watch your favorite sport at a stadium there is now an app to guide you throughout the venue, instead of volunteers showing you around. This is how the ibeacon technology on an app might work, at the moment you enter the detection diameter of the iBeacon’s range, it awakens the relevant app (UUID) with a welcome message also confirming your tickets to avoid the hassle. Once you have entered the stadium complex you are informed about which direction to proceed to find your seats; during the interval or break you will receive updates about where to find refreshments, restrooms or other amusements such as gallery or exhibition in the vicinity.

Other examples of the advantages of iBeacons

Plus many more. The sky is quite literally the limit in terms of how iBeacons will revolutionise the way in which service providers interact with customers in a physical sense.

Is iBeacon right for your business?

Newpath WEB has significant experience in designing, developing and managing solutions based on iBeacon Technology. Why not have a chat with one of our mobile specialists to find out if and iBeacon solution is right for your needs.

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