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Offering incredible iPhone application development in Melbourne, we’ve already seen clients come to us looking to create unbelievable apps for the new form iPhone X. Removing the home button and dramatically reducing the bezel on the front of the phone, the newest iPhone is a radical departure from the normal iPhone design.

Beyond just simple real estate availability in terms of screen size, the removal of the home button and brand new touch gestures mean that normal iPhone application development is not appropriate. Simply put, a whole new design guideline is required. However, our team are already well ahead of the curve regarding new application design, as are these other fine examples of innovative iPhone X applications


One of iOS’ most accomplish camera applications, Halide has taken remarkable steps to integrate the new form factor into their already stunning application. Recognising that the lack of bezels meant the design of the app needed a face-lift, their designers worked to remove all obstructions from the applications, leaving only the most fundamental elements at play. Most effectively though, they took advantage of the iPhone X’s unique notch for the audio and Facetime camera and mapped particular functions to the gaps either side, leaving the user with a fully integrated app design.

Alto’s Adventure

One of my personal favourites on the iPhone, Alto’s Adventure is an award-winning endless runner game with a procedurally-generated landscape. The art design on this app is gorgeous, and on the new iPhone X’s remarkable OLED display, the unique style pops off the screen. The application has never run smoother on any device previously, and much like Halide, Alto’s Adventure makes full use of the unique notch at the top of the device and fully displays the game wherever possible. All in all, Alto’s Adventure on the iPhone X is one very immersive game.

Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

The already insanely-popular apps had no alternative than to pump out an iPhone X-compatible version as soon as the device launch, but the subtle tweaks to the established formula mark a welcome change. Youtube’s enhanced browsing experience allows for widescreen viewing of your favourite videos, as well as cleverly-integrated gesture support for maximised usability. The Facebook application really appreciates the extra screen-room, with your newsfeed expanding in the best possible way, allowing users to see more with every swipe. And of course, being Facebook’s cousin, Instagram pops on the amazing display and benefits from the increased screen space as well.

iPhone Apps Will Never Be The Same

Simply put, the iPhone X is here to stay. With the early rumour suggesting that the next batch of iPhones released in 2018 will do away with home buttons for good, this new form factor is something that all developers will need to get used to. You can see the examples listed above that some apps can dramatically change to take advantage of the change, while others will only require small tweaks to already stellar experiences. Regardless, for top quality iPhone application development in Melbourne, contact us to see how we can help!

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