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You might have heard that Apple launched a new phone late last year. One of the most comprehensive updates to the form factor in a long time, the iPhone X also offers significant improvements to a range of iPhone app developer processes as well.

The Display: Super Retina

No greater improvement on the physical attributes of the phone was felt that in the Super Retina Display, the OLED, edge-to-edge, HDR screen offers a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ration, along with the most complex colour range and accuracy available.

Developing apps for this screen is more crucial than ever before. For anyone who has ever looked at an OLED screen, the colour is richer and more detailed than ever before, meaning that your choice of colour throughout your iOS apps is critical. Furthermore, the Super Retina Display supports 4K content, meaning that if you’re stuck with low-grade images and elements, they may struggle to look as crisp as higher-quality content may do.

Compared to some devices available on the Android platform, the new iPhone X display is miles ahead. If you’re looking to make the most gorgeous applications possible, then find your ideal iPhone app developer now!

Security Functionality: FaceID

One of the iPhone X’s biggest features is their new security measure, FaceID. When Apple introduced TouchID with 2013’s iPhone 5S, the rest of the market was quick to catch up. FaceID takes security one step further.

Working more effectively than traditional facial locks, FaceID uses the TrueDepth camera to project and analyse over 30,000 tiny, invisible, infrared dots to create a facial map, encrypted and protected within the device.

While Apple is cagey about releasing this data to developers, iPhone app developers can implement its functionality in their own applications, leading to some terrific app experiences. Unlike Apple’s competitors whose own facial recognition is seriously lacking, this is a huge advancement for mobile security.

Augmented Reality Forever: ARKit

With the rise and rise of AR programs like Snapchat and others, Apple has embraced the functionality of the TrueDepth camera to create a truly unique augmented reality experience with ARKit.

Using complex machine learning, your iPhone X can now map the position, topology and expressions of each user, meaning that selfie effects are here to stay. Embraced by a range of app developers already, ARKit is proving that augmented reality is not just a flash in the pan and instead one of the newest technological advancements to watch for the future.

Apple’s rivals have barely scratched the surface when it comes to augmented reality, but regardless, with the TrueDepth camera, Apple has significantly improved their capacity not only to take quality photos but also to create magical AR experiences.

iPhone App Development is More Important Than Ever

Simply put, if you’ve got the next great app idea, you can’t afford to not be with Apple. iPhone app developers are constantly looking for the next great innovations, and with the iPhone X, they’ve just arrived. Talk to us today about how we can help you build for iOS; visit our mobile development page or contact us now!

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