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Mobiles are here to stay; we’ve been talking about it enough. You’re probably even browsing this article on your phone right now! While browser platforms are certainly improving their usability on mobile devices, nothing quite beats mobile applications for fully immersive functionality and maximum enjoyment. Mobile app developers in Melbourne are constantly striving to build the best possible apps, but if the design sucks, there’s only so much they can do.

Our guys and girls have worked hard to come up with a list of options for you to read and review. They are in no way comprehensive, but they give you both technical and theoretical guidelines for good mobile application design. Of course, designing is inherently creative, but by paying attention to the following points, you might create something even better.

Know Thy Enemy

No, the user is not the enemy; instead, be fully aware of the power of your chosen operating system. iOS and Android are wildly different platforms to build on, so being sure to match your designs to the systems’ abilities and limitations is critical.

Know Thy User

Much like everything digital, enhancing user experience must be the end goal. Especially with mobile applications, people will most often have usability outside of your software, so if it sucks or doesn’t pay attention to their needs, they won’t use it. Design to their needs, not to your wants.

Know Thy Device

While user and operating system are more or less measurable concepts that allow you to design an expert app, device usage is more challenging. If your users are typically on old devices, then you might have difficulties; likewise, if they rock the newest gear, be sure to match that functionality for maximum benefit.

Responsive Design

While it seems slightly bizarre, the responsive design elements most commonly found in today’s websites are equally important in today’s applications. Mobile devices come in many shapes and sizes; not just screen size on mobiles (ranging almost a whole inch in 2017), but also tablets of varying shapes and sizes too. Allow your app to grow for your user numbers to grow too.

Keep It Stupid, Simpleton

Mobile users don’t need more information; they need less. It’s not that they are dumb by any means; it’s that smaller screens mean you don’t want too much choice. Don’t make me look at three different concepts on the same tiny screen, don’t open new windows or do too much fancy stuff; just keep it simple.

There’s a lot more than just this

Trust us; this list is far from comprehensive. Countless people can tell you about individual design aspects like call-to-actions, text, toggles and any number of other elements, but that’s not what we’re about. Our Melbourne mobile app developers want to show you how we can maximise the design of your perfect application. If you’ve got the next big idea, tell us about it!

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