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So, our little blog section here has talked about machine learning and what Google looks at for search engine rankings through our “best SEO in Australia” guise, but what we’ve yet to cover is the nexus point of these two concepts: RankBrain.

A little background for those who don’t want to go digging into previous articles (lazy), Google uses over 300 different variables as a part of their ranking algorithm. Ultimately, they’re attempting to provide users with the most relevant links in their search results, and the algorithm helps them do that.

In previous years, algorithm changes were stark, unexpected and dramatic, often with whole websites wiped out of rankings results due to inappropriate activities. In this day and age, however, Google is far more subtle and varied with their algorithm changes, resulting in tweaks and adjustments almost on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean that rankings drops don’t happen. Search engine optimisation is still critical, and good SEO’ers are constantly adjusting their practices according to best industry practices, and one of the biggest things people are becoming aware of is RankBrain.

What Is It?

A long time ago, Google used a metric called Page Rank, which tried to assign a number to a page, ranking it compared to others on the internet. Of course, it wasn’t particularly accurate and was quickly discarded as a key ranking variable. However, Google thinks that they’re on to a winner with its successor: RankBrain. So much so, it’s now considered the 3rd strongest ranking factor in the entire algorithm.

How Does It Work?

Relying on a complex machine learning process that boosts search results based on how users interact with particular links shared. Basically, RankBrain looks at two things: how long someone spends on your website (average session duration) and how often users click on your link (click through rate). This means that for someone to say they offer the quote-unquote best SEO in Australia, they need to be paying attention to these two metrics from their clients’ Analytics pages. To improve these elements of your website, you need to focus on two things.

Average Session Duration

Average session duration is focused on your website and how great an experience you offer to your users. Just getting someone to click on your website isn’t enough; you need to give them something tangible to hold on to so they stay longer. Whether it’s compelling content, unique design or simply a fast and well-built website, holding customers for longer is how you can rank higher moving into the future.

Click-Through Rate

Improving your click-through rate may seem a little more challenging; however, it’s not as hard you might think it is. Something as simple as an engaging title tag and meta description can go a long way to convincing users to click on your link. Even just including an appropriate keyword can assist with having users engage with your site in search results. What this does mean is the strong get stronger, so you can’t rely on click-through rate alone, and instead need to work on the 299 other ranking metrics.

Best SEO in Australia

Talk to Newpath web if you’re looking for the best SEO in Australia, as our team are all over these types of changes for the day dot. Machine learning and ranking factors are a huge part of Google moving forward, so you need to be sure that your website is going to appeal for both. Visit our SEO services page to see what we can do, or get in touch with us for more information.

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