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Magento is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce CMS platforms, featuring easy-to-use functionality and a raft of unique solutions to common problems. As Magento ecommerce developers in Melbourne, we know that for any mid-to-large enterprises, it’s good to know that Magento is one of the most comprehensive ecommerce solutions around. Below, we’ve summarised the six best reasons why we choose to build more ecommerce websites in Magento than anything else.


Magento has a significant lead over much of the competition in that ecommerce-specific pages (products, checkout, etc.) are managed side-by-side with more traditional site pages (home page, about us, etc.). This complete functionality means that there is only one CMS to learn, with consistent and seamless integration across the board. Magento allows users to manage every step of the process through the backend in an intuitive and easy-to-use system.

Allows Third-Party Integration

Much like other traditional CMS platforms, Magento has an active developer community, with multiple plugins available to enhance the functionality of the CMS platform itself. Instead of attempting to customise the Magento platform, utilising these third-party plugins to address your issues is a simple and cost-effective way to build out the functionality of your website further. This is one advantage that Magento has over other CMS platforms, which often lack the developer base to build out additional expansions.


Magento is designed to be 100% mobile optimised, not just regarding file sizes and coding minimisation but specifically regarding how it presents content on-page. With mobile optimisation now so critical as a part of things like search engine rankings and user engagement, having a CMS platform that adequately scales your content depending on the user’s screen size is crucial. Most importantly though, the platform doesn’t require any significant development work, only that you modify your theme depending on your scaling requirements.

Handles Complex Products

Understanding the range and breadth of products offered for sale these days on ecommerce platforms, Magento can manage virtually any type of product. With functionality including tiered and customer group pricing, shopping cart rules and multiple currencies, Magento gives businesses the opportunity to present their products in a manner that their customers are most likely to engage with.

Allows for Multiple Storefronts

Finally, businesses might choose to manage multiple online storefronts depending on their product types or customer groups. Magento allows for a single development process and management of these storefronts, creating individual websites, stores and store views to help simply the process for businesses and users alike.

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For over ten years, Newpath web has been one of the leading Magento ecommerce developers in Melbourne, offering innovative and customised solutions for a range of national and international brands. To find out more about our Magento development services, read more about Magento or get in touch with us today!

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