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If you’re looking for someone to develop apps for Android, why not consider Newpath web?

Our team of Android app developers are highly skilled in translating your desires into actionable and impressive applications. By following key design trends and fundamental app development processes, we can deliver exactly what your business needs.

We’ve highlighted a few things about Android app development, as some food for thought for your app dream!

Killer Design

There are literally over 2 billion (with a B) apps on the Google Play store. How can you expect to break through that with a poorly designed app experience? Most people make their mind’s up about an app in less than 2 seconds, and active monthly users drop away significantly across the board from launch to the next month. With a good design, you can hold on a little longer.

Trendy Style

Of course, if the functions and features of the app don’t reflect modern trends. Right now, increased security is the name of the game, ensuring that users are absolutely protected. Also look to Android Instant Apps, that don’t even require downloads to run. Into the future, embrace augmented reality, beyond mere gimmicks, as this really is the next step of mobile integration.

React to Users

Once an app is live, feedback can be almost instantaneous, and unlike a number of product offerings, your application can be constantly updated and refined. Whether there are major bug fixes to be actioned, minor ones relating to updated operating systems, or simply new functionality you’re looking to include, listen to user feedback (be a user yourself, for goodness sake) and watch your app soar.

Be Harsh

Be sure that the application you’re pushing live is the right app for you. Don’t be afraid to be critical, don’t be afraid to have exactly what you and your customer is looking for. Every little imperfection is a potential lost client, and you need to push yourself and your developer in order to get the best possible mobile experience.

Understand Competition

Even if your app doesn’t have a direct competitor, understanding indirect rivals and their application systems is so helpful towards refining your own experience. Even just something as simple as reviewing apps with useful UX interfaces can give you some key insights into what you like and what you want for your application.

Understand Android

Recognising the inherent design capacity and capability of Android is the final technical aspect that you need to grasp before successfully creating your new app experience. Android can do more than iOS, but it has it own challenges. Learn what the strengths and weaknesses of the operating system are so you can again tailor your experience to suit the platform.

Think Big

The last point is simple. Don’t be afraid, and don’t be cautious. App development is a cutthroat industry, with every joe somebody thinking they’ve got the winning idea. By implementing the points above, you should be able to have an absolutely tremendous app that will get you even the most outrageous of goals.

Work with a Talented Developer

No one recommends you go and build your own app (I mean, you’re welcome to, but…). Instead, rely on hiring someone to develop apps for Android for you. Newpath web has a range of Android skills that translate to any business, meaning you should definitely give them a try.

Visit our Android app development services page or contact us today!

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