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We’ve provided SEO services in Australia for a variety of clients. From small start-ups to multinational organisations, Newpath WEB has experience with a variety of businesses. Something we’re frequently asked about is the role SEO plays in big business. That is, for national or international, well-known brands, what is the benefit of optimising for search engines? It’s easy to understand why people might ask this question, at least initially.

Surely for these brands, their links are coming up definitely on the first page, for a variety of high volume keywords and a fair amount of long-tail keywords as well. But that’s not the whole picture.

Finding The Best Long Tail Keywords

If you are a large business, you’ve probably got a really good idea about which keywords are relevant to what you do. You can pinpoint keywords that deliver great traffic through Google Webmaster Tools and you’re already producing fantastic content marketing to hit each and every one of them again and again.

But while you might even be ranking for the longer-tail, low search volume keywords, how did you get there exactly? And surely you want more of those, yes? Each SEO campaign is structured around a goal. And that goal informs your keyword selection.

So for big business, you can either look to increase traffic or increase impressions. Increased traffic is about targeting the biggest, gnarliest keywords and moving ranks from the bottom of the first page to the top. That’s hard, especially for established brands, going up against equally big fish, so it takes time.

However, increasing impressions is useful by finding those really valuable long-tail keywords. You might already be ranking incredibly well for keyword phrases with more than four words already, but SEO agencies can help find high volume (relatively speaking) long-tail keywords that you might not be ranking for and work to improve those.

Building Enhanced Backlinks For Wider Audience

For larger businesses, you might be quite lucky to get a number of really fantastic backlinks created by your existing user base. This is always the goal for any business online, and the more people to share your content the better. This is organic backlinking and it is ultra critical for search engine success.

But SEO services in Australia can absolutely complement and enhance this to a level you might not even expect. SEO agencies in Melbourne work on a variety of business types, and we create backlinks for all of them.This means that we need to have a comprehensive list of potential backlink destinations.

Furthermore, we constantly need to be reviewing and updating this list, paying attention to spam warnings and page and domain authorities (PA & DA). As we only deal in white hat SEO (completely legitimate, above board SEO practices), we need to ensure that our backlink targets offer a good mix of follow and nofollow links, with low spam levels and good PA & DA.

By complementing your organic backlinks with these artificial (but entirely acceptable) backlinks, you can diversify what is going back to your website and enhance the rankings that come with that.

Nothing More Than Reassurance

Look, our SEO services are quite comprehensive. We’ll not only look at keywords, content and backlinks, but we conduct thorough website analysis, looking at technical issues like site speed, sitemaps and broken links. In addition to that, we’ll be sure to optimise title and meta descriptions, alt-tags on images and anything else we can get our hands on, really.

You might have already ticked all those boxes, delivering a fully optimised site for all the most important keywords. But at the end of the day, the website needs to match the campaign. So if we’re targeting long-tail keywords we need to have more mention of those phrases.

There’s always more that can be done; a website is never 100% optimised. Even new content coming through can always be tweaked to ensure it marries up with best possible SEO practices.

SEO is Worth Considering Regardless of Your Business

Regardless of your business size, SEO can always assist in the long term. That is a critical point though, SEO is a long term game. No immediacy, no snap results; SEO is about building a tower, and foundations always have to come before the spire.

Newpath WEB offers unique and innovative SEO services in Australia for companies large and small. To find out more about what we can help with, visit our SEO page or contact us today!

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