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As a high-quality Melbourne web developer, Newpath WEB is constantly striving to deliver premium service. One of the things we are working to perfect is the website development process. While the pathway towards completing a new website build is fairly well-established, developing key efficiencies and minimising time-wastage results in a far smoother process for all parties involved.

Goal and Scope Definition

If you aren’t crystal clear with the role you’re providing, the key factors of your (potential) success, and your working requirements throughout the process, you’re going to have a real problem as the development continues. Work incredibly hard to communicate as efficiently and effectively as possible with the client in the initial stages of engagement to ensure that everyone is 100% on the same page.

Sitemap and Wireframing

Just in the same way you need to work hard to clarify your role with the client, you also need to clarify the actual build of the website. Similar to a blueprint for building a house, the sitemap and wireframe give you guidance towards how the website needs to look and to be structured. Ensure that you develop a plan that allows for easy upgrading and website optimisation as well; you don’t want an angry client coming back two years later because of a poorly designed website.

Content and Visuals

Depending on what you’ve been tasked to do (step number one, thank you), you may need to develop content, or you may be provided it throughout the build. The most important thing is that you implement it correctly, recognising the benefit of search engine optimisation spread throughout the website. Additionally, you could’ve been charged with developing the visual identity. Again, hopefully you ticked this box in step one, but if not, reconvene with the client and mash out (with examples, if possible) how the website will look in particular variations of colour, font and other branding elements.


Now comes the really fun part (not). Making sure that the website actually works is obviously hugely critical to the success of your development process. Websites are increasingly viewed on devices other than desktops, so remembering to test for mobile and tablet browsing is a must. Even the tiniest error, buried deep in the back end, can be completely debilitating for a user’s experience. Bugs are going to happen; recognise this and find them before you go live.

Go Live

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Turn it on. Flick the switch. Recognise that this isn’t the end, and you can always do more to improve the performance of the website, from optimising images, monitoring traffic and completing a more thorough search engine optimisation throughout the page.

Newpath WEB is a Fully-Fledged Web Developer

At Newpath WEB, we want to help you build your perfect website. As Melbourne web developers we can help with all parts of your businesses’ digital presence. Visit our website design services page to find out more, or get in contact with us today!

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