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As a Melbourne SEO company, we recognise that one of the most important steps in any campaign is keyword selection.

Duh, we all hear the crowd sigh!

Yeah, I know. What a simple statement…but is it?

So, say we’re doing keyword research and we deliver a report with over 500 choices. What are you going to pick? I mean, I’ll help you as best I can to whittle the list down, but don’t you want a say in the terms we’re targeting? Who’s the expert in your given industry? I can give you my selections, based primarily on SEO-benefits and my meager understanding of what your company is trying to do.

But you know you, you know?

Understanding that different keywords deliver different things for your campaign is absolutely critical, and more importantly, it’s also about understanding that search volume with these keywords isn’t everything, and that’s where I need your help.

If you think about keyword suggestions (all 500 of them), what most SEO agencies look for is the best combination of average monthly search volumes and the various forms of competition on these keywords. But what this fails to grasp though is the dreaded long-tail keywords.

Gasp, the crowd cries out!

What, pray tell, are long-tail keywords my good man?!

Long-tail keywords are generally the search terms and phrases that have four or more words, and offer very little search volume, but massive potential for your business in terms of raw conversions. If you think of a graph highlighting exponential decay, we’re looking for the bit right at the very end.

The green bit is all high search volume, and varying competition. As you go down the line, search volumes slowly drift away, leaving you with a potential gold mine of keywords to choose from!

Long-tail keywords aren’t the quarterback; they won’t deliver thousands of visitors to your website each month. But they will bring you motivated customers. Long-tail keywords are generally so specific they avoid the browsers, the tire-kickers, the scope ‘em and see customers, and instead deliver users ready to go with a business. If you’re targeting this, it’s generally going to be at a much higher conversion rate than broad-spectrum keywords.

This is where you come in. Yeah, you!

If I’m showing you a list of 500 keywords, maybe 80 are in the front and middle of our SEO list, with killer search volumes and varying competition volumes, with then 320 or so in the long-tail, and 100 irrelevant or not delivery enough statistics. How am I supposed to know your business well enough to select the right keywords the campaign?!

Working together, we need to whittle this list down (don’t worry, there’s always irrelevant keywords), to a more manageable amount, obviously depending on how the top and middle go. Sure, we might decide that the business offering is simple enough and that there’s enough benefit to target those high volume. But we need to think about whether there are some highly relevant long-tail keywords to be looking at for our campaign.

So, What Am I Saying?!

Simply put, any Melbourne SEO company can deliver a list and say “you choose, have fun!”

What sets Newpath WEB apart is our ability to work with you to push your selection towards something more tangible. Marketing as a general concept is half conversion, half awareness. Long-tail keywords are all about pushing conversion, which is always crucial!

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