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The online visibility and presence of your company are vital to attracting and generating a higher traffic volume and establishing a wider audience reach. This can be difficult if just using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which many businesses can make the mistake of doing. Without combing it with PPC (Pay Per Click), your business is missing out on the full potential of your SEO campaign. This is why many businesses turn to Newpath Web when they search online for the best AdWords company in Melbourne.

Out with the old; in with the new

Many years ago, businesses turned to traditional marketing tactics to get noticed by their customers. This included ATL (Above the Line) marketing such as magazines, billboards, television, radio, newspapers and even advertising on park benches. The problem with these tactics was that they were financially risky. Companies would have to wait until their advertising campaign had finished before they could see any results. With the revolution of online marketing, businesses now have access to digital marketing tactics such as PPC and SEO which can deliver much better results.


Many businesses don’t realise the effectiveness of both SEO and PPC, tending to choose one or the other. They can make the mistake of thinking that in order to generate a higher ROI (Return on Investment) with their PPC campaign and rank quickly, they need to invest a large amount of money into each targeted keyword. This comes off as a ‘blanket marketing’ approach and has no real tactic to its strategy. The key is to combine both.

A balance of SEO and PPC

An SEO campaign will deliver results if correctly implemented, but it is still a long-term approach to achieving higher rankings with SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). However, when combined with an effective PPC campaign, it can become a strategic approach that brings in faster results. The SEO side will ensure each ad is optimised with targeted keywords and phrases, while Google AdWords delivers your ad straight to a user when they search that targeted phrase or keyword.

An intelligent approach

As one of the best AdWords company in Melbourne, Newpath Web operates on a strategic approach to your marketing campaigns. Our team of professional marketing consultants will design and create bid strategies that are based on factual data. Examples of this include the locations of users that have clicked your ad, previous conversions, what mobile device your target audience is using, which time of night or day your customers make the most purchases and much more.

Once armed with this knowledge, our PPC specialists will use this collected data to then customise your ad campaign to be the most effective. This can include optimising your ads so they will only run during timeframes where your customers make the most purchases, displaying ads in locations where your customers are based and more.

For the best AdWords company in Melbourne, speak to Newpath Web today. Whether you need custom software designed, a website developed or more, browse our website for more information.

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