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Collins Street Business Centre offers its clients the chance to work in a professional, friendly and productive environment. CSBC offers serviced and virtual offices, executive suites and meeting rooms that assist in enhancing the corporate image of each of their clients.

With some of their tenants now having been with the business for many years, it is a testament to the brilliant team spirit and friendly culture. Businesses renting office space in Collins Street Business Centre include Recruitment, Stockbroking, Insurance, Exporting, Training & Management, Recruitment, Management Consultants, Asset Management, Public Relations, Engineering, Health Management & a range of I.T. specialists & software vendors.
CSBC provide and manage a full turnkey service for overseas companies wanting both fully serviced and equipped office space – on shore and near shore facilities. CSBC is a walk-in, walk-out service to match one’s contractual requirements in Australia.


In 2003 the new management team and owners of Collins Street Business Centre knew they needed to include online marketing as a key tactic in their new business strategy. Being the type of business they were, there was no real opportunity for them to go about traditional sales tasks such as cold calling and door knocking, they understood quite early on that for their business to be a success they would need to do well in Google searches. At the time, they had a very dated, simple static website that did nothing for their brand, failed to represent what they were all about, and critically was not producing any leads at all. This needed to change fast, yet the team had no idea where to start.
With this information on hand, Collins Street Business Centre went to market seeking a partner that would help them re invent their online presence, and deliver those all important web leads, that would eventually become the life blood of the business. Newpath WEB was chosen as the preferred web design and online marketing & SEO partner, and work began on developing the creative & technical briefs.

“With a basic knowledge of what we needed to see happen, we spoke to a few contacts and released a brief to a number of web agencies. We understood the need to get online, and not only have a website that represented our brand correctly, but crucially also begin earning an income from our website, the challenge we faced was that we are in the serviced office business, not tech heads” says Managing Director Rael Kuperholz. “We needed to feel not only comfortable that the company we partnered with understood the technical elements of what was required, but also was capable of a deep understanding of our brand, and target audience. Newpath WEB was exactly that”.

Another challenge Collins Street Business Centre faced was that they needed an SEO and Online Marketing Campaign that would suit multiple needs of the business. The business wanted to achieve great, long term, long standing results on core products such as serviced and virtual offices, yet also had the challenge of being able to use search engines effectively to quickly promote and fill meeting and conference room hire if that side of the business was beginning to become quiet.

“We commissioned Newpath WEB to create and manage both a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign, as well as a SEO campaign to improve our generic search results. At the time we did not understand the difference between these two campaign options, but Newpath WEB were fantastic at guiding us through the process, and explaining everything in detail so that we felt informed and in control”.

“Our goal, based on their advice was to obtain 50% of our website traffic from PPC and the balance via generic search results. It took approximately 4 months to find this balance and we are extremely pleased now with the outcome” Rael says.


Newpath WEB invested significant time early on to get an understanding of the business, what it stood for, and how it was different to other businesses in that space. The Newpath team spent time reviewing the competition, gathering vital information, and then positioning themselves to put together a well crafted campaign that took many factors into account.

Newpath WEB began and now manage, an organic SEO campaign focused on core products and services offered by the business, along with a PPC campaign that focuses on products that vary such as meeting room hire, along with using PPC for campaign specific items such as monthly specials.

Newpath WEB monitor the source of traffic to the site and provide regular reports, which are discussed with the management at Collins Street Business Centre, always trying to find improved efficiencies and a bigger bang the client buck.

“The final battle of course is once you get traffic onto your website, getting those eyeballs to stick. One’s website has to be sticky and this requires additional, professional skills for which we have a lot to thank Newpath WEB. We knew that many companies had been burned by high PPC costs and realised after just a bit of research that we needed to spend our advertising budget wisely and needed a professional, specialised company to do this for us.” Says Rael
“Collins Street Business Centre has been a fantastic client, we have had a long and successful relationship and continue to deliver great results. It has really been a case of growing with each other”, says Newpath WEB Chief Executive Officer Nathan Sinnott.


A sample of the result:

Keyword: Serviced Office Melbourne
Google AU Rank: Number 1

“Over the past 5 years we have achieved all of our goals and with the help of Newpath WEB. With their reporting we are able to modify our campaign to suit our immediate, very short term business objectives, and the organic campaign has produced nothing short of amazing results, we consistently receive 5-8 new enquiries a day from our website”.

“Since we started to use Newpath WEB, our traffic has increased by 244%, but more importantly our bounce rate has decreased by over 30%, which means that we are sending more qualified people to our website than done previously”. Says Rael

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