Variables for Reporting Success

Offering some of the best SEO services in Melbourne, Newpath WEB is constantly working towards maximised results for your business. While digital agencies determine success based on any number of different metrics available to them, we’ve developed a list of key variables that we use to grade the success of our campaign.

Organic Search Volume

Don’t let your SEO provider fool you; organic search volume is obviously the greatest measurable when it comes to the success of your campaign. The role that Newpath WEB provides is expert analysis of the data presented to us, looking at the various off-site activities performed in that month, along with external variables that might impact the data. Recognising the impact these variables have on your website is critical to understanding that sometimes 30% growth isn’t as spectacular as it might seem, or that 10% shrinkage can actually have a very reasonable explanation.

Bounce Rate

The hardest part of reporting is that sometimes a figure that looks bad is actually good, or vice versa. For Newpath WEB, organic search bounce rate is a key variable that we look towards recognizing the success of the campaign. Standard industry opinion is that 40% – 60% bounce rate is a comfortable range (remember, everyone leaves a website eventually). However, this opinion fails to recognize the nuance that can exist within different service websites.

For some particular industries, users aren’t looking for large swathes of information by browsing through multiple pages on the site. Rather, they may be looking for something as simple as a phone number. For businesses such as electricians or law firms, we expect a much higher bounce rate than e-commerce websites or more informational pages and report these nuances as such.


At the end of the day, businesses are looking to increase their bottom line as a result of SEO services. The biggest issue with all marketing, but in particular SEO, is that this is very difficult to measure. Luckily, offering a digitised service, we can provide conversion tracking, looking at contact forms or checkout pages as a guide to how people are behaving.

When looking at conversion goals, we encourage our clients to ensure they have conversion tracking codes present at every possible stage. As a part of ongoing monitoring of campaigns, we consistently block spam traffic, and set up Captcha codes on these pages so as to provide the most accurate result possible.

There are obviously a number of digital agencies that say they offer the best SEO services in Melbourne, but here at Newpath WEB, we take pride in our unique and personal approach to dealing with clients. Review what other services we can provide your business, and contact us today to find out more.

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