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SEO Melbourne Strategies: Creating Content that Matters.

In my very first Public Relations class at university, we were told that no one is ever going to read anything you write unless they care about it, so making consumers care is priority number one. All too often is this simple advice overlooked in the world of social media and online marketing strategies, whereby businesses seek dominant SEO without much thought into what goes into the content. In a previous post I spoke about the over-saturation of keywords and links that largely work against their validity in the long-run. As such, withdrawing this SEO strategy is step number one, with the subsequent ensuring online content evokes business-positive responses from target audiences, by necessitating an enjoyable reading experience. So how can businesses create something meaningful, whilst simultaneously optimising content on search engines such as Google? Here are three suggestions.

Firstly, take a step back and look at the keywords you’re working with, and then make a list of potential post topics that link them together. Deciding on what it is you’re going to write about and merely incorporating the keywords here and when doesn’t work, often coming across contrived or false.

Secondly, be the expert. Very few people understand your company or industry like you do, so share your expertise with the world. This can be achieved through a number of ways, such as blog posts incorporating your experienced insight, or even advice columns.

And lastly, research! Quality is subjective, and you want to ensure it’s your target audiences that decide it is. Research what it is your target audiences are interested in reading about, and create content that complies with that.

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