Have you pondered the question, how can Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefit your company’s visibility and attract your desired audience? If yes, then this article will assist in educating you on how this online marketing tactic can effectively increase traffic to your website.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

In order to evaluate the success of SEO, we must first define it.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ensuring a website is increasingly visible in the natural search engine result/ranking pages, in order to attract the required audience and traffic towards your website.

How does SEO work?

An effective SEO campaign is a long-term process, not just a quick project. The first step to this process is conducting in depth research on your company’s website, competition and the industry your business operates in. We then need to identify the company’s goals which we can use to measure the success of the campaign further down the track. Reporting on the current website’s position and carefully selecting the relevant keywords on the services a business offers, is a crucial element in this process. Then we move into page optimisation and campaign analysis reporting, which ensures the client goals are achieved and have successfully increased the websites qualified traffic with improvements in site visibility.

How will SEO enhance visibility of your website?

eCommerce is increasingly growing each year; therefore it is essential for a business to operate online in order for their target audience to access services and products efficiently and effectively. So, it is vital for you to understand how important SEO is in creating this ease of access and connection to your business, with the added success of bringing in new traffic (clients/audience) to your site. You may have also wondered how your potential customers will find you. Then your ultimate goal is to make this possible with the first step in the right direction – that’s right, SEO is your answer to making this happen.

Does this sound appealing? Well, you will be interested to hear the following key benefits SEO can provide to enhance the visibility of your business.

– Highly cost effective: SEO has a major cost saving element in comparison with other forms of online marketing and advertising mediums, and most importantly creates a solid online presence for your business.

– Increases Brand Awareness: This form of marketing enhances your company’s brand awareness, visibility and builds a strong online presence against your online competitors.

– Your competitors are already on board: If you are not constantly moving your business forward and improving your position, then you are behind competitors who are. SEO is a valuable tool that can assist in moving your site to a higher ranking in Google.

Measuring the success of SEO

If you can’t measure what you plan to manage, then how can you work towards improvement? Measurement is an essential component of SEO, in order to determine the results of your online marketing campaign. So, how is Search Engine Optimisation measured?

Some key performance indicators include organic search traffic volume, goal and eCommerce conversion rates understanding user behaviour, click through rates, bounce rate, which are all used to measure the success of SEO.

– Organic Search Traffic Volume: tracks the performance of relevant keywords and search terms generating traffic towards the desired website.

– Goal and eCommerce Conversion Rates: is the measurement or percentage of the potential visitors performing in the desired action or goal of the website.

– Understanding User Behaviour: is the process of understanding the target audience search behaviour actions, in order to measure how to optimise the ranking of a website.

– Click Through Rates: are key measuring indicators of SEO used to determine how often a user clicks through to the particular website.

– Bounce Rates: this is the percentage of users that view a website and leave without spending a significant amount of time on the page.

At Newpath WEB, we have designed a custom SEO portal system which enables our clients to view up to date reports and statistics on the progress and success of their online campaign. This system permits our clients to be a part of the analysis, management and evaluation process of their project that ensures a successful outcome and meets client goals for SEO improvement.

We don’t expect you to be an SEO expert for your company’s website. Here at Newpath WEB, we are ready to optimise your website with our team of professionals to guide you through the process of greatly improving your search engine ranking.

We invite you to contact us today.

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