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Google search engine algorithm is incredibly complex, looking at over 200 individual factors, with very little transparency about what the factors are. Of course, given how many people claim to be SEO experts, there is some solid consensus on a few legitimate influences.

While content and backlinks are the two big ones, it’s easy to tick several boxes that can give you that extra boost, hopefully onto the first page! If you’re looking for simple but effective SEO tips, then update your website to HTTPS.


Since 2014, Google has been giving search engine boosts to websites that use SSL (secure sockets layer) to protect their site and the users who visit it. Implementing SSL certification simply takes a few relatively easy steps.

Of course, making sure you implement it correctly is imperative, and if you are concerned about making a mistake, Newpath web can help.

Step One: Acquire the Certificate

Trust me, this might seem simple, but it’s amazing how many people can forget to do even this basic step. Whether you assume you already have SSL certification or simply don’t know you need one, the first requirement is to get one.

Now, not every hosting platform can accept an SSL certificate (the number is getting smaller and smaller every day), but assuming yours can, you need to buy one. There are several options to choose from, coming from different retailers, all with unique benefits and pricing structures, so do your research and read reviews before committing.

Step Two: Turn it On

Again, it might seem like a simple step, but having it doesn’t mean its activated. As before, your hosting platform might already turn it on for you (best check first), but if not, you need to generate a Certificate and Signing Request (CSR).

The process involved with producing a CSR and implementing the SSL code is a relatively long and complicated process (not so simple after all), but most SSL certification websites will offer guidance on how exactly to activate everything. Again, if you’re struggling, Newpath web would love to help.

Step Three: Installation

Literally, this is the easiest step to complete. Just copy and paste the certificate into your web host control panel and hit submit. Voila! However, the challenge comes next.

Step Four: Update Your Site

Now, it is possible to only update individual pages for HTTPS security (for pages like Checkout or Contact Information). However, as we’re looking for the SEO benefit, you must ensure it is on all pages.

Of course, this can impact on internal linking as well as external links created previously. You must do a thorough link audit to ascertain the result of the switch. You should be able to remedy most issues, though be prepared for some change.

However, the long term implications far outweigh the initial problems.

Search Engine Optimisation: Every Little Bit Helps

While no one has the golden key to top ranking in Google, every thing that you can do to improve your rank is worth considering. While implementing SSL certification is a simple but effective SEO tip, it requires a level of computer skill that not everyone might possess.

If you want to get your website secure, why not call Newpath web, a leading SEO Company in Melbourne, on 1300 761 806, and we can discuss your current situation and how we can improve things.

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