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If you run a business, there’s probably been many times when you’ve looked at your website conversations and numbers in user traffic and thought ‘why aren’t these numbers higher?’. Truth be told, there are a range of reasons as to why you might be struggling to establish an online presence. Fortunately, there are equally as many solutions for your problem.

Any SEO company in Melbourne will tell you that search engine optimisation is the single most important tool for a local business looking to extend their online presence and increase user engagement.

Simply having a few relevant keywords isn’t going to guarantee that your website will be found when someone is searching for your products or services. Your website also needs to have relevant content that complies with Google’s ever changing and improving search ranking algorithm. Sounds tricky? Well, fortunately Newpath Web is here to help.

The process of SEO explained

How will my business benefit from SEO, you might ask?

Our team of SEO experts here at Newpath Web have been answering this question for many years now. Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the basics of SEO and how it all works. Let’s say you’re a business that sells handbags and want to increase the traffic on your website, converting those increased customer numbers into sales. Running a promotion or constantly adding lots of content to your website isn’t exactly going to get you the results you are looking for, regardless of the quality of your products.

To start with, the backend of your website needs to be secure and well constructed. As a full digital services agency, we usually recommend that customers build their websites using what is known as a CMS — or content management system. These platforms not only come with a range of features and functions that make search engine optimisation easy, they are also remarkably secure and can be used to build fast, efficient websites. Factors such as site speed, structure, and security can all affect how Google perceives and ranks your website.

Moving onto content; SEO content needs to be specifically engineered to incorporate keywords that people are searching for online. More importantly, these keywords need to relate to the services or products that your business provides. For example, a handbag website will typically target keywords such as ‘best leather handbags online’ or ‘affordable clutch handbag’. This means that when users search that exact keyword in a search engine like Google, your business has a good chance of showing up as a top recommendation. But that’s a very specific keyword, surely other handbag businesses would be targeting it as well?

Well, our SEO team at Newpath Web takes this process a few steps further. We work closely with your business to understand exactly who is using your products and why. Armed with this information, we create a tailor-made strategy for your business with a long list of relevant keywords that users are searching for. For example, we look at all the phrases that users search for as well, such as ‘high-quality leather’ or ‘natural leather’.

With highly targeted keywords naturally implemented into the content on your website, Google will crawl and index your website as being highly relevant to your target audience. Off-page SEO strategies, such as guest blogging and social media sharing, can also be used to great effect, helping lend legitimacy and authority to your website.

Stay ahead with SEO

Without an SEO strategy, your website may have all the correct information but not be optimised correctly to bring in the results you are looking for. At Newpath Web, our experienced team offers some of the best SEO services in Australia. Not only will we implement positive changes to your site, we also provide analysis reporting, which can help us make informed tweaks to the campaign as Google’s algorithms evolve and change. 

So, why do you need to work with an SEO company in Melbourne? Simple; because you want your users to be directed to your website and not your competitors’. To ensure that more people know about how great your business is, get in touch with us at Newpath Web today.

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