Are you happy with your business’ online presence? Is your website attractive to potential customers? Do you think your digital resources reflect your brand, products, and services?

If your answer to any one of these questions is ‘no’, search engine marketing services are certainly worth investigating.

Search engine marketing — also known as SEO — is a popular type of digital marketing that involves harnessing Google’s algorithms to enhance your online presence. It’s also quite a complex subcategory of marketing, which is why many businesses opt to outsource their SEO services to a professional team.

As a leading provider of SEO services in Melbourne, Newpath Web has worked with companies large and small across all industries to great success. Our proven methodologies will help your business make its mark online, ensuring you gain an upper hand on your competitors.

Some of the benefits you can expect to gain by partnering with Newpath Web include:

Increased leads

In marketing, the term ‘lead’ refers to a potential customer. Obviously, the success of your company depends on your ability to consistently generate new and legitimate leads.

SEO is a strategy that organically produces increased numbers of leads. The term ‘organic’ is used in contrast to ‘paid’ as SEO does not involve buying advertisements. Instead, SEO tactics include targeting keywords (search terms) through tailored content. These keywords are specific, relevant, and reflective of your products and services.

Targeting these keywords means that when people are searching online for a product or service that you provide, your business is more likely to be a suggested result. Generating high-quality content with specific keywords will naturally increase your search engine ranking and the amount of leads generated via your digital resources.

Better quality leads

In addition to generating more inbound leads, implementing SEO tactics mean that these leads will be of a much higher quality. Customers will come to your site as they’ve been promised by Google (a company they trust) that you provide the services they need. These leads are therefore far more likely to turn into legitimate paying customers.

This is because you won’t be using the traditional ‘blanket’ approach as seen in cold calling and e-mail spamming. SEO involves targeting specific keywords based on what your ideal audience is already searching for. By optimising your keywords to match their searches, the leads you receive are from users that are actively looking for your product instead of having to be convinced that your company offers value.

Improved branding

The consistency and quality of your branding can make or break your company. Research suggests that it takes approximately 0.05 seconds for an individual to form an opinion about your website. In that short of a timeframe, aspects such as colour, graphics, structure, and organisation become incredibly important.

These attributes are also known as ‘on-page SEO factors’. While SEO strategies are primarily targeted at optimising content for Google’s bots, they also take into account the experience of real human users. Cleaning and modernising your website to create a cohesive brand is a natural and worthwhile by-product of conducting on-page SEO activities.

A better UX

UX (User Experience) is incredibly important. We don’t need to tell you how competitive the online world is. If your visitors have a negative experience using your website — whether this means the site takes too long to load or the navigation does not make sense — they are unlikely to bother sticking around for too long.

On-page SEO activities will result in improved website navigation, a better mobile experience, and optimisation of all types of content, including text, images, and videos. This is key to retaining customers and ensuring they have a good experience on your website.

These are just some of the many benefits your website can expect to receive through partnering with an SEO company in Australia. If you need expert advice and professional search engine marketing services, talk to the team at Newpath Web today.

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