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Power BI is a powerful data visualisation tool from Microsoft Power Platform that offers numerous features tailored to help business owners uncover insightful information from complex data sources. Allow users to analyse data in powerful and flexible ways that enable organisations to make data-driven decisions.


  • Offers an array of dataset customization features, allowing users to build visualisations or even create reports for business insights.
  • Real-time streaming dashboards, which can be set up to monitor changes within the system as they happen. Additionally, Power BI makes it easy to share dashboards with colleagues and clients by providing access through apps on various devices and distributing stakeholder reports automatically by email.
  • Integrates easily with various software systems, making it a seamless tool for experienced users, yet offering intuitive layouts and menus for those who are new to analytical programmes.
  • Provides a comprehensive solution for any organization looking to gather business insights faster than ever before.

As Power BI continues to evolve and provide new features at an ever-quickening pace, it stands as one of Microsoft’s premier business intelligence platforms – offering actionable insights from within rich visualisations and dashboards.

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