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The brief__

InfoTrust was seeking to partner with a digital agency to re-design & re-develop its digital presence.

The cyber security services company was looking for a fresh, modern and class leading design along with high performance SEO.


The process__

Their existing site was based on WordPress, which was causing a number of security challenges for InfoTrust, so Umbraco & Drupal are being considered as options.

InfoTrust had previously invested heavily into a number of custom graphics for their branding, website, and other marketing collateral, however made mention that they did not believe these graphics were being used to the best of their potential. Newpath agreed with InfoTrust that the new site would showcase these great creative assets and make excellent use of them in the UI.


Discovery phase__

Every website redevelopment is a pathway to explore the wider opportunities that the project can bring. The website project brought the opportunity to realign InfoTrust’s content into a clear and easy to navigate structure, while making it easy to identify their offerings in the market.

Through our process we mapped out the pages from the previous site and reorganised their content from the ground up into 4 main market orientated categories.


Design + develop__

This ground-up approach to the site’s infrastructure enabled InfoTrust to sit in their prospective client’s shoes and ask what are their clients looking for, what do they need from InfoTrust and what can InfoTrust offer them.


The results__

The new Infotrust site stands out from the crowd, with its unique and engaging user interface. The senior leadership team at Infotrust are thrilled with the end result and are receiving excellent feedback on not only a site that’s well designed but a great new site that’s secure and reliable.

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