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The brief__

The Melbourne Cricket Club is responsible for the operation of the MCG as well as the MCC membership.

There was a need to update both the MCG and MCC websites to be mobile device friendly and as well as to have better navigation functionality and finally to embed cosmetic improvements to match brand guidelines.

The MCC approached Newpath Web to help the organisation identify comprehensive requirements specifications across both projects, and then to help review and select the most appropriate solution.


The process__

The Key drivers of the project, specifically focused on the MCG business were to ‘Increase operational efficiencies’, ‘Create unique experiences’ and ‘Increase customer experience’. Any developed solution would be required to facilitate these drivers, and satisfy them, meaning Newpath needed to consider all elements of a proposed solution to achieve the stated goals.

It was also important to understand how the website fits into the business processes of the MCC & MCG in general, as it is one aspect of a multi-faceted business. It must sit alongside all the various operators that collectively come together under the umbrella brand of the MCG. These are businesses such as food and beverage operators, merchandising stalls, the MCC club facilities, or even the Yarra-park parking operators. The MCG is a single physical venue that houses a number of independent and semi-independent stakeholders, who must collectively work together to present a cohesive experience to the end consumer in various formats.


Discovery phase__

The Business Analysis process included three core elements:

  1. Identify and document requirements/discovery/stakeholder interviews/presales review/technical analysis
  2. Review internal proposals, external proposals received at that time, proposed wireframes, and scope documents against requirements analysis output to confirm suitability and match against needs – fit for purpose analysis
  3. Advise on a valid/recommended scope and reasonable pricing expectations for delivery of that scope, or validation of pricing against the scope & wireframes already supplied.

Design + develop__

Key aspects to be considered included mapping technology to help users find their seats and key services and amenities, purchasing – by bringing the point of sales of particular goods and services into the digital experience, third party tools and licensing for the solution, and much more. The end solution needed to cater to information and decisioning – helping drive awareness and attract patrons through promotion, storytelling, relevant offers and easy discovery online. Pre-experience – ensuring patrons know where to go, how to buy, how to get there, with suitable support and service. And, Experience – enhancing the MCG experience, reward participation, providing standout service and support, and to encourage sharing.


The results__

Newpath worked closely with the MCC commercial & technical teams to identify key elements of a solution that would cater to all key and desired criteria, ultimately achieving an outstanding result for the organisation that has received great feedback and engagement.

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