Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Melton City Council

The brief__

The Melton City Council Intranet Redevelopment project was established to determine best practice intranet principles and to implement a new corporate intranet that would increase staff efficiency and engagement.

The intranet scope was focused on being relevant to the whole organisation, with a project working group across Customer Service, People & Culture, Finance, Risk & Performance and Legal & Governance.

Melton City Council

The process__

Melton were seeking a partner capable of covering the following key criteria:

  • Local Content of Social Procurement – where the vendor is based
  • Methodology – The degree to which the vendor satisfactorily describes the proposed methodology
  • Capability – The previous experience, competence and resources of the vendor
  • Quality Management – The availability of the vendor’s personnel with appropriate skills

Newpath was selected as the preferred partner for this project due to our substantial public sector experience,  deep experience in the sector, and SharePoint and Intranet project expertise.

Melton City Council

Discovery phase__

The previously built intranet, was operating on Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This intranet, while capable of a range of basic functionality, was perceived as clunky, unappealing and lacking sophisticated functionality. It was ageing and largely unsupported, providing poor user experience.

In addition, the content management system (CMS) was difficult to use and did not allow end users to update information in an easy and timely manner, which was leading to outdated and incorrect information on the intranet.

Melton City Council

Design + develop__

The new intranet was built on Microsoft 365’s SharePoint 2019 platform.

The main uses of the existing intranet needed to be carried across, such as opening links to other business applications, accessing policies and procedures and reading the CEO’s weekly update. In addition, new features included an interactive organisation chart, up to date information, a reliable search function, news feed, document management, staff leave approval system, notifications, message broadcasting, events, staff directory with search,

security and role management, azure active directory integration, and content management.

Melton City Council

The results__

Gone is the old clunky and hard to use intranet, replaced with a fantastic new intranet that is user friendly, up to date, easy to manage and packed full of new highly useable and helpful features that the entire organisation values and makes daily use of.

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