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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is the world-leading tool for remotely managing field service operations. This product is a powerful and comprehensive set of applications, helping to automate and streamline processes with features such as automated assignment of jobs, access to real-time customer data, mobile device enabled workflow and integration with tools such as Microsoft Power BI.


  • Offers deep AI insights into back-end systems to help build predictive analytics and anticipation models.
  • Allows for improved customer engagement and satisfaction, heightened efficiency in dispatching professionals for tasks such as repairs or installations, optimised resource utilisation and integrated real-time analytics which have the potential to revolutionize the field service industry.
  •  Enables field staff and technicians to work smarter and faster by providing complete visibility into resources and customer interactions.
  • Helps businesses to improve operational efficiency while allowing customers to access up-to-date information in real time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service helps simplify and automate manual processes such as employee training, equipment inspection scheduling and inventory restocking so that businesses can ensure customer satisfaction without any additional cost.

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